Arturo Mendez

My experience on sugar dating

Sugar baby, it's something I did for a few months, and it was a great way to help me out of a difficult financial situation.

To start off, before any sugar relationship starts, there is usually a platonic meet and greet over coffee/dinner/drinks so both parties can see if they actually suit each other. Out of every 3 meet and greets I went to I probably only saw 1 again. if you choose to continue then a arrangement will be discussed e.g meet me 5 times a month and I will pay you $500 per week, $10,000 monthly or $1000 PPM (pay per meet).I used to always do PPM.

Once that's all established, you start having dates with your sugar daddy. These can be anything from hotel meetups for just [getting it on], to going to an art show, dinner, and drinks, before heading back to his place for [doing it]. It's never said out loud but [intimacy] is absolutely expected.

In my experience, most guys who are sugar daddies are very busy business men who don't have the time or energy to sustain a real relationship. The money ensures that everything will go smoothly, and they still get a genuine (or what I make seem to be genuine) emotional, fun, and intimate experience.

I enjoyed sugaring when I did it, because it was a good way for me to make money, while still being in control of who I spent time with.

I usually have a price of 500€ per time. For one sugar daddy that I really liked, I dropped to 350€ because he is not super rich, that price which is a more average number in my place (Berlin, Germany). I know that in some parts of the United States, the average price per date can be as low as $200 or as high as $600. But even the local average is not the best guide to choosing a number, because it depends on what you value yourself at, what you are satisfied with, what your sugar daddy value you at, and what he can afford.

Also, monthly allowances are quite common, but I don't have any personal experience with those. They depend on the same factors though, along with how many times you meet per month.